5-axis IBIS in a P&S

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Re: 5-axis IBIS in a P&S

Anders W wrote:

ntsan wrote:

Panasonic and Canon also have "5-axis" IS too on their DC, but their one is combining Lens IS + Electronic IS, where else Olympus one is full mechanical 5 axis IS

As it sounds, the Casio does what Panasonic and Canon have already done: Ordinary lens-based IS combined with bursts of underexposed shots at high shutter speeds which are then merged and aligned via in-body processing. The latter technique is of course available to MFT users as well, on top of what regular IBIS/OIS can do. It's only that the body won't do it for us. We have to shoot a burst and then merge/align in PP by means of software like LR/Enfuse or PhotoAcute.

One might add that correction for at least one of the five axes, roll, is in all likelihood electronic only in these compacts. To my knowledge, lens-based IS can't correct for roll. Possibly, correction for vertical and horizontal shift is purely electronic is well. While it is not impossible to correct for that via lens-based IS, I know of only one lens that does it (Canon 100/2.8L IS USM Macro).

How does the E-M5/E-P5 roll correction work? Does it work differently for horizontally and vertically held shots?

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