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Re: Planning to switch from D800 to 5DIII

iseeu wrote:

I am planning to make a switch from the D800 to 5DIII for some reason:

I have both cameras and personally speaking, there is no one answer.

1. D800 lock me up few times and I have to take out the battery and insert it to make it work again, this really annoying.

Get it repaired.

2. The grip (not the battery grip) made 1 of my finger so painful after 10 hours of work, this is never happened with my D700.

How do you know the 5D3 will be any more comfortable to hold?

I find that the 5D is a sorter grip than he D800, which makes it harder to hold with a heavy lens.  The 5D3 really needs to battery grip to balance heavier lenses.

3. The outer left AF point back focus severely.

Have you had it serviced?

4. Can't lock focus in low light so I missed few important shots.

How do you know the 5D3 AF is going to be any better in the same situations?

I only have the Nikon 24-70mm for now, so I am not heavily invested in Nikon glass. Do you guys think 5D III will not give me those problems? I will buy the 5DIII with 24-105mm f/4 kit lens.

If you're worried about low light focusing, how is going from 2.8 to f4 going to help you? Why not replace the Nikon 24-70mm with Canon Nikon 24-70mm?

Does 5D III will give me better high ISO performance? Can you please help me to decide.

Not enough to make a difference. The D800 will still give more detail.

You really have to ask yourself what shooting style. If you're shooting for 10 hours, then it sounds like you are shooting events, so the file size from the D800 might not be that practical.

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