Which forum for the new camera ?

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Re: Which forum for the new camera - The easy answer...

Messier Object wrote:

herebefore wrote:

It will Either be a 4/3 camera, or it wont.

If a ZD 4/3 lens mounts on it without an adapter, then it is a 4/3 camera.

If a 4/3 lens requires an adapter, then it is NOT a 4/3 camera... Whatever else it may be, if it requires an adapter, then its not 4/3.

I have nothing against M4/3, I own 5 of them, and use them daily, but they aren't 4/3 just because I can put a 4/3 lens on an adapter and plunk it in.

Edit: Even if the adapter actually gets the lens to "work" as originally intended, it still doesn't turn it into a 4/3 camera.

Lets not build a false controversy.

Have you given any thought that the new camera may be NEITHER 4/3 or M4/3??

It could easily be a camera with a hole in its front that takes an adapter for M4/3 or an adapter for 4/3. It would be neither "fish nor fowl".

My scenario is for the camera to by a true hybrid - the one beautiful system.
Some on this forum have already contemplated various designs that would accommodate both lens types. And now you have added another possible variety that's got neither native mount. And yes I did think of that possibility.

So what's your easy answer ?


Since I'm convinced that using both types of lens on the same camera is going to require an adapter of some sort, whichever lens type requires the adapter is not the category the camera falls into.

If I put a 4/3 lens on an adapter and mount it on my M4/3 camera, it does NOT turn my M4/3 camera into a 4/3 camera.


If the 4/3 lens requires an adapter (to me, the most likely fix) then the camera isn't 4/3, it is M4/3.

If the camera somehow can take a 4/3 lens without an adapter, but requires an adapter for M4/3, (A less likely fix because of the flange distance problem) then the camera isn't an M4/3 it is 4/3.

Only if the camera requires an adapter for both or neither type of lens (the least likely of all) do we have a decision to make, and we can make it with a simple poll.

Thats what makes it an EASY answer, its one, or the other, or requires a simple poll.

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