Windows 8 adoption is OK

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Re: The question..

martialf wrote:

I don't know what people not using Windows 8 have againts it

Here's a point of view. Some folks prefer the PRE Win8 user interface (Win7 and earlier desktop with the Start Menu) while others prefer the Win8 "Metro" interface. No one is wrong here. Different strokes for different folks.

BUT, Microsoft already had the Win7 Start Menu in the development version of Win8 and it was a deliberate decision by MS to remove the Start Menu functionality from the release version of Win8. They could have left it in Win8 and allowed folks to choose the UI they prefer.

Win8 is a actually a better OS than Win7 (I think it's actually the Win7 OS with improvements) except that MS removed the Desktop Start Menu functionality. That's what some folks have against Win8.

Sky (Who prefers the Win8 OS but only in desktop mode with the Classic Shell Start Menu functionality)

Anyway i am using Windows 8 pro 64 bits with Sart8 and desktop ui and i like it No problem Just working Ok

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