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Re: Actually, K-30 is FASTER to focus than D7000

marike6 wrote:

Leandros S wrote:

In the most commonly encountered scenarios, for most people. Check out figures on imaging resource under the performance tab of each review. (Nikon is only faster with flash.)

AF speed is body and lens dependent.

If you read the indicated page, you'll see that they write,

"To minimize the effect of different lens' focusing speed, we test AF-active shutter lag with the lens already set to the correct focal distance. We also use the same Sigma 70mm f/2.8 macro with every camera (on all platforms except Four Thirds/Micro Four Thirds and Nikon consumer models lacking an in-body focus motor), to further reduce variation, and because our tests showed that focus-determination time with this lens was close to the fastest, across multiple camera bodies from different manufacturers. Being an older design with a non-ultrasonic motor, it wouldn't be the fastest at slewing from one focus setting to another, but that's exactly the reason we measure focus determination speed, which is primarily a function of the camera body, vs focus adjustment speed, which is primarily a function of the lens."

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