Flipbac G4 Grip for Eos M

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Re: One point of thought

Most likely the bond is sufficiently strong. Flipback says that the glue they use is "quality 3M adhesive" by which they probably mean double sided VHB (very high bond) 3M tape, most likely very thin 20-40Mils type commonly used in similar accessories (for example in Richard Franiec grips). The 3M VHB tapes are industrial grade and have excellent properties. They can withstand much higher environmental condition than a camera can, their expected life is over 25 years, more in non-harsh industrial environments, and require very little area to form strong grip.

Removing an item mounted with 3M VHB tape is difficult. The easiest way is to move in sawing motion a thin, strong wire between the tape and the base it is glued to. If you do not want toscratch the surface, dental floss works well as well. And forget about straight pulling, twisting or heating up to remove it (3M VHB can withstand around 300 °F for days).

AdamT wrote:


One point - maybe sealing the holes with tape has reduced the effectiveness of the grip's sticking ability as a large portion is stuck to the tape and not the camera body - also wouidn`t the grip itself seal the camera of dust ?


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