Why is printing the de facto standard?

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Re: About that archiving thing...

edispics wrote:

Could those CDs be read after they were created and then failed, or were they never tested after being written and failed once they were read? There used to be quite a few write failures back then.

I've experienced both:

a. tested good once written then failed after storage

b. tested bad and needed to be resaved onto new media.

Not sure how the discussion of RAM relates to long term storage of photos though.

It's not uncommon to go off on a tangent by the time a topic breaks the 100 post mark

Seriously though, I need to trust that the equipment I use to archive photos is going to do the job reliably. I have not had write error, read error, nor freeze-up in over 6 years using two home computers with ECC ram and the highest quality media. On the other hand, I continue to have such issues on the office issued commodity equipment. Just sayin'.

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