Why is printing the de facto standard?

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Re: Why is printing the de facto standard?

IceAge wrote:

Rad Encarnacion wrote:

IceAge wrote:

Seems odd for me but everyone always talks about pictures as if it's assumed printing will be the final product. I never print. I don't know anyone who prints.

You don't know Hollywood? Or the fashion industry? Or anyone who does marketing?

Until those three industries go paperless, printing will remain be the de facto standard.

No? is it odd that I don't know anyone in those businesses?

You've never seen a movie poster or a dvd/blu-ray box? A fashion magazine? No sales pamphlets or brochures?

I can accept that you don't know anyone in these industries, but you can't say you've never seen their print works.

The point is this: these multi-billion dollar industries determine what is 'de facto' in the photography world, by virtue of being the ones who routinely pay for photography work. They say they want prints, and so the world prints.

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