Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM vs Canon EF 24mmf/2.8 IS USM

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Re: Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM vs Canon EF 24mmf/2.8 IS USM

irmao1 wrote:

What do you think about these 2 lens??

There aren't many reviews yet about please, if you own one, share your experiences with us!!!!!

At amazon righ now the price is almost the same so is it worth the stops of the 35mm over the 24mm. I'm thinking on using it on a crop (7D), so i am more in love with the 24mm, to pair it with a pancake. But the f/2 of the 35mm puts me in a middle of a cruzade!!!!!!!mind blowing!!! focal lenght vs bokeh

My first thinking is focal lenght, but what are your experiences!????

I bought both, and I like having both--precisely because, like you, I had a very hard time choosing. The fov of the two lenses is quite different to me. Both are optically excellent. But I think it is reasonable to choose to have only one--especially for financial reasons.

The f/2 of the 35, with IS, gives you a lot to work with in available light shooting. But if you love the 24, especially on the 7d, that lens also has IS and is even wider and so is amenable to even slower shutter speeds than the 35--yielding a lens that is also very good for available light. Also, you can always bump up the ISO, though I know the 7d starts to show a lot of noise at high ISO. But I never care that all that much about noise, and there is noise reduction software if it bothers you.

If you love the look of the 24 on the 7d, that is what I would go for. On a crop, it is the FF equivalent of a 35mm fov. For another 85 bucks, you can pick up a 50 1.8 that will give you a fast, good lens with a FF equivalence of a 75mm lens.

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