Which forum for the new camera ?

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Re: Which forum for the new camera ?

As to the Weekly 4/3 Thread, Lou Holland started the thread and set up the rules. I abbreviated them slightly. I have no idea how to proceed and am certainly open to suggestion. As no doubt many have ascertained by now, I have two m4/3 bodies, the EPM1 and the OMDEM5. 90% of my shooting now is EM5. The other 10% is E3. I also have an E1 but it gets taken out about once a year for a few shots. I visit the m4/3 forum regularly but do not post there nearly as often as here (10%, maybe 20 on a slack week). I don't find the regulars there to be as interested in image threads as here and so have not posted many images there. Interestingly though, the image in my gallery with the most hits (currently 534) was only posted there and received few hits originally so I am not sure where the interest is being generated and it isn't a particularly good image, only mediocre at best.

I have always favoured an Olympus interchangeable lens forum rather than the current set up. Others differ in this and I appreciate and respect their point of view. If the E5 is the last 4/3 body to be built, then I am going to guess that this forum will suffer a lingering decline as long time users go elsewhere, and many will be to other brands. Many have left to the m4/3 forum already having adopted an m4/3 body. Some, like me, are dual shooters.

I don't pretend to have any answers on this issue and am happy to entertain ideas. However, having said that, I will not take part in unpleasant discussion about this or any other issue. Life is too short and I don't need any reasons to have to up my blood pressure medication!

So I haven't really answered any questions.  Maybe I should go into politics   It is too early for me to get excited/worried about the possibilities.  However, if we are trying to lay claim that it should reside here we would be on shaky ground without this becoming the Olympus Interchangeable Lens Camera Forum.


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