Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

marike6 wrote:

McGooble wrote:

Unfortunately the D7000 is also a bit out of my budget at the moment. Also I was talking to a local camera shop owner and he said that he wouldnt even carry them because they have back/front focusing issues that can't seem to be figured out. This guy knows what he's talking about too, since he repairs cameras as well he gets some insider knowledge from his colleagues in the warranty centers. So that was strike two against the D7000.

Sorry but this guy is talking total nonsense and personally I wouldn't buy any camera from someone who is so willing to BS customers to make up for lack of a well stocked camera shop.

The D7000 has an excellent AF system, as accurate or more so than the K-30 with way more AF points, and far better AF tracking performance (I've owned both cameras and Nikon's predictive AF tracking is as good as it gets).

But with every DSLR there are isolated reports from pedantic forum users about front/back focusing, but both the K-30 and D7000 have AF micro adjust.

To claim to not stock a wildly popular DSLR because of some reports of back/front focus frankly sounds ridiculous. Whatever you decide to buy, purchase it from a reputable shop like B&H or Adorama and you won't face problems of high prices and limited selection like your guy. Do yourself a favor and take a pass from old fashioned rip-off artists camera shops. Stick with B&H or at the very least, Amazon.

My reaction to that comment was the same.  Let me think for a moment - why would a retailer bad-mouth a camera he doesn't have in stock?  A couple of reasons pop to mind and neither involves "insider knowledge" or repair experience!

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