Which forum for the new camera ?

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Roger Engelken
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Re: Which forum for the new camera ?

Messier Object wrote:

Forget the speculation regarding technical specs. The real questions are . . .

If the new camera is fully capable of using m4/3 and 4/3 lenses and is a hybrid rather then a mirrorless m4/3 with an adapter, then to which DPR forum will it belong ?

m4/3 (I thought) was a lens/mount specification and not specifically related to being mirrorless EVF.

Perhaps the "m" should now be with reference to "mirrorless" rather than "micro". In which case the new camera should live with Micro Four Thirds Talk. I'm sure the folk there will be happy with that, and a minor re-name of the DPR forum to Mirrorless Four Thirds Talk

Or perhaps a new Forum will be appropriate, dedicated to Imaging with 4/3 lenses.

What will happen with Andrew's weekly 4/3 DSLR Images forum where one of the rules is
"No Micro4/3!" Andrew, how will you define a hybrid camera ?

Olympus will almost certainly place their new offspring within their OM-D family. But where should DPR place it ??


Once there is a new camera, and once the specifications and versatility of the new camera are ascertained, then I suspect DPR will figure out what to do. At that point, m4/3 and 4/3 owners will not doubt rightly chime in on what should happen. Until then, it is speculation built on a rumor. Just one take.

In the worst case I would be reading two forums.  I might learn something.  

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