Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: "Refurbished" always makes me wonder?

pixelsmithy wrote:

"Refurbished" always makes me wonder "what needed refurbishing"? To me it is a sign of a design or production flaw corrected, or a camera that was returned by an unhappy camper (for some - quite possibly valid - reason).

Or just a sign of a manufacturer trying to dump old new stock in a way that doesn't directly undercut their own retail distribution chain and thus anger retailers. Not at all the same as "Factory Demo" models with signs of use. No way, not for me. But buying from a large quantity of spotlessly like-new "factory refurbished" stocks with a full retail warranty? No worries unless you just like to worry. What's the risk? That you'd find a flaw and have to exchange it for another copy? Twice I've had that happen - with brand new retail items. No problems whatever with any of the "factory refurbished" items I've purchased.

Just saying...

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