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Re: FF! FF everywhere!

fakuryu wrote:

1/5s F2.8 ISO1600,

Can't really say but even with such a small pic, PP and noise smoothing is already evident.

What are you on about buddy? this is 4000x3000 image, focus is on the steering wheel.

I don't know if something is wrong with your eyes or your monitor but there is a lot of smearing and it is really noisy... buddy.

Got nothing better to say so you have to stick to trashtalk? Firstly you incorrectly call it "small size", then when caught out, you argue it is too smeared at full res.

Lets see your D7000 or K5 low light 1/5s ISO 1600 shot with significant less noise and smearing. put your photo where your mouth is.

Of these 5 links you gathered, 3 makes no mention of focal length, one of them is tamron's own site so it should be disqualified. You are wasting time.

pop photo is the only site mention actual FL, but they do not mention focus breathing at all while.

This is what has to say:

"Focal Length

The Tamron 70-200/2.8 VC USD exhibits what is sometimes referred to as “focal length breathing” or sometimes “focus breathing”. That means that the effective focal length (or angle of view, or magnification) changes with focus distance, specifically the closer the focus the shorter the focal length at any given zoom setting. This is somewhat difficult to measure, but at the a close focus distance of 2m I’d estimate that the “true” or “effective” focal length with the zoom set to 200mm is closer to 140mm. A lot of zoom lenses do this to a greater or lesser extent. At infinity I measured a focal length of 196mm, which is pretty typical for lenses which are nominally “200mm”, while at 10m I measured a focal length of 188mm."

That is in line with Lensrental's finding

Hard to say, since I have very little interest in wildlife or action photography. Maybe lets just wait and see from other users and

So you cannot really testify as to tamron's AF performance in terms of comnination of speed and accuracy as I have pointed out several posts back, can you?

Read down,

So you do admit that you were wasting time posting 5 links and that tamron is not a real 70-200?

I just posted a shot with the old 70-200 with a D40. Combination of speed ang accuracy? How about a badly lit runway shoot with an older camera (Tamron + D40) vs a somewhat newer camera and supposedly one of the best lens of Canon in good lighting?

Your runway shot is in no way a sufficient stress test for that lens's AF capability. just becasue you used a old body doesnt mean it ought to do better with newer bodies.

So if one review site says one thing and one the other, either way, still sharper and has a better distortion control over the Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS II USM while $1000 cheaper.

As I said earlier, the Tamron is a good lens and a low cost alternative to the Canon 70-200II, but it is in no way the same class as the Canon and it is not a real 70-200.

tamron at 200mm (186mm) F2.8

Canon at 200mm F2.8

And please, if you are going to quote me, quote everything.

You should take your own advice. see below.

This is already way out of topic. In no way or form a 60D has better lowlight low noise high ISO performance over a K30/K50/K500/K01.

Take your own advice on quoting properly. I never said "60D has better lowlight low noise high ISO performance over a K30/K50/K500/K01."

I said:

1, noise itself is not an issue in practice because you can easily clean it up in post. what matters is detail and DR retention.

2, 60D is a bit behind, there is no debate. [But] the difference is not as much as people often make it out to be.

I have shown you plenty of my own high ISO images. MOD EDIT, Edited last section for flame. bating.

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