Why is printing the de facto standard?

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It's a trick question...

IceAge wrote:

Seems odd for me but everyone always talks about pictures as if it's assumed printing will be the final product. I never print. I don't know anyone who prints. It's all online or on computers or on TV slideshows. It almost feels like the ones who talk about printing are older folk who are stuck in an era. I mean printings great don't get me wrong, but it's just not what people do these days, except for a few centerpiece photos and whatnot.

When I view my pictures they look fantastic on my TV. Only when I move from computer to TV do I get a really WOW factor, it's the same kind of finished product feeling as printing for me. And isn't that what people would do with slide film? View it on a projector?

First off, everybody doesn't talk about pictures as if it's assumed printing will be the final product so the OP's premise is wrong from the first sentence. The small but significant group of people who get paid on a regular or contracted basis for their work consider the file to be key element of what they produce.  It is the file that has the value. The file can be sold, or licensed for print or display, or printed and sold as a physical object.  The minimum requirement for a professional is that they shoot and process for the media that the customer will pay for.  If they are shooting on speculation (paparazzi or calendar photographers for instance) they shoot for the media that they want to sell the file to.

For non-professional photographs I'm guessing that the overwhelming majority of pictures go to the disk, stay on the phone, or go up on facebook without any thought of printing.  So not even most people think printing is the final product.  The OP needs to get out and about more.

I think what we get down to is that the small group of people who take the photographic process a little more seriously.  Those who print above the Walgreens level assume that printing will be the final product.  Why would they talk about  electronic display except in passing.  By the time you are ready to print you have pretty much done  everything you need to do for a superior display.   Electronic display is not the future, it is just a new, convenient stopping place for people who want to get a little more gratification out of their hobby without going on to printing.

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