I have nooo idea what format to record video in.

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Re: I have nooo idea what format to record video in.

how to successfully watch avchd 60p 28m(ps) using a stand alone bluray player and a hdtv with a hdmi connected to the bluray player.

my equipment: sony bravia 52nx800 tv and a sony bdps570 bluray player using a sony rewriteable bluray disk. to make the bluray or dvd disks i use rewriteable disks. in my computer i have an LG bluray writer and player.

i use play memories home to take the videos from the camera. DONOT burn the files to a dvd or bluray disk. instead use the disk as a drag and drop, this will also allow you to add videos anytime you want. also even though you can play avchd 60p 28m(ps) on a dvd disk there will be skips. best to use a bluray disk.

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