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Re: Mike, here is my illustrated tutorial of a few years back

Hi Mike - I'm new to the forum and guess that you have a lot of experience with Fluid Mask 3.  I've been trying to get an answer from Fluid Mask tech support to what I think is a simple question and hope you can help.  My Preview cutout looks good and I check it with dark and lighter backgrounds.  When I open the cutout in Photoshop CS3 (I know it's an older version) and I put a similarly colored background behind it and flatten the image, I always end up with a white fringe around the cutout. I usually work in 16 bit but tried an 8 bit version also with the same result.  I've been asking tech support, What is the purpose of a preview cutout function if it doesn't match the actual cutout?  They're asking me to watch their tutorials which I have, but not surprisingly, there's no info about this problem.  any advice at all?  Am I missing something obvious?

I'll certainly watch your tutorials tonight.

Thanks for any light you can shed,

Chip Forelli

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