Why is printing the de facto standard?

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Re: Why is printing the de facto standard?

The Sage Knows wrote:

Easy but tedious. It has been taking years to go through my albums, carefully removing prints, setting them on a scanner, cropping, straightening, scanning, checking result, returning photo to album, repeating, repeating, repeating...

Why are you obsessed with this level of fidelity?  Why wouldn't the future you just make images of the entire album page or two page spread with their gigapixel camera phone?  This should take no more than a few seconds per 2 pages.

Exactly. Which is why digital maintenance every 5 - 10 years in the form of a simple "copy and paste" from one data storage device (floppy drive, JAZ) to DVD to USB to whatever the future brings is a much more efficient use of my time.

During your lifetime that's a reasonable plan.  For past your lifetime, it requires much out of your control.  Prints require much less active maintenance.

I think we are all in agreement that this hardly constitutes a burden.

Not perfectly analogous, but if I gave you a DECtape of images, what would you say the burden would be to read it?  JPEG is pretty well documented and that documentation likely to stick around, but can you code a JPEG decoder?  You might have reference code, but it's in a DEC specific dialect of FORTRAN IV. (I'm assuming that's what they'll think of C in 50 years.)

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