Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Actually, K-30 is FASTER to focus than D7000

Leandros S wrote:

In the most commonly encountered scenarios, for most people. Check out figures on imaging resource under the performance tab of each review. (Nikon is only faster with flash.)

AF speed is body and lens dependent.  So while Pentax may drive it's lineup of mostly non-SDM lenses quickly, the AF speed is often not as fast as the better Nikkors.  My 70-200 f4 VR is blazing fast and accurate on both D7000 and D800.

And almost every new Nikon lens has an AF-S motor (from the least expensive 18-55 VR to the top of the line telephoto primes).  Much of the Pentax lens lineup uses older screw-driver lenses that don't have motors and are driven by the camera body.  Pentax has only 7 SDM lenses and only two of them (the new 18-270 at $600 and 55 1.4 both over $800) are under $1000.

Ever new lens Nikon makes has a built-in AF-S motor for quiet and most fast AF.  The K-30 drives screw-driver lenses like the 17-70 f4 or 16-45 f4 fairly quickly and accurately, but not quietly, as there is a distinctive noise typical of screw-driver type lenses.  It's not a big deal mostly, but it would be nice if Pentax would update some of their classic lenses like the 12-24 f4 to include SDM motors (note even the Tokina has added an AF motor to their version of this lens, so it really is time for Pentax to do the same).

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