Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7 II Released

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Re: Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7 II Released

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To clarify, I mean if the new 20mm takes the same pictures as the original 20mm f/1.7... because we all know the image quality of pictures, if you managed to take them, with that lens was never a problem at all. It's all the other stuff that we're concerned about. That's where I say, for me, 17mm has six major advantages that tip the scales for me despite the 20mm having the marginally superior image quality on its side (in order of most to least important in my mind):

1. Rarely hunts and never for longer than half a second
2. Blazing AF speed
3. Silent focusing
4. Excellent build quality
5. Usable manual focus
6. Completely internal focusing

It seems like the build quality for II has been improved, but as you can see, that was never a top priority for me. I just want to know if the hunting, AF speed, and focusing noise have gotten closer to the 17mm f/1.8 than the first 20mm did, because really, the first 20mm was pretty bad at all three.

Number 6 seems out of place. If you had the other five (including Blazing AF Speed) why would you care if it was unit focusing or internal focusing?

First of all, I don't even know if that's possible. The only lenses I've seen that do all five are completely internal focusing lenses. I also think that internal focusing lenses would ultimately last longer and I just like it for geeky reasons. There's a reason I listed it as the least important.

As on-sensor PDAF really starts to work, lenses will no longer need the really fast high acceleration back and forth of the CDAF fine tune, and PDAF type focus drives will be very fast. I like it too, but not enough so I would choose if if a unit focuser worked better on 1 through 5.

Nikon has this already working in good light on the 1, and the Canon dual-pixel sensor supposedly drives the lens entirely with PDAF with no final CDAF wobble. It is the wobble that is very sensitive to moving mass in the lens.

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