Wedding Gear Question

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Re: Wedding Gear Question

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Lots of wedding photogs use F4 lenses just fine. They do however know how to use flash.

And the look may not be 'ambient light' - but is that bad? Today that's trendy...partly because so many can't use flash competently.


Yep. People on these forums seem to forget there is more than one way to do this stuff.

The real wedding pro is the photographer who can create the images that evoke the memories. Very few clients care how the photographer gets the photos so long as they capture the moment. The only clients who do care are usually amateur photographers think more expensive equipment makes better pictures.

In the end, what matters is can you produce consistent results and are your clients happy enough to recommend you to their friends. If you can do that you can be a pro -- and nobody gives a rat's behind what gear you use.


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Is it possible that the professional wedding photographer who cares enough about his work to invest in fast lenses may just be a better photographer? Is there a reason why the majority of professionals (read: getting the clients year in year out) use fast lenses.
I hear this common sensical " truism" bandied about all the time: "its the photographer not the equipment".
Well, I say its both the photographer and the equipment all the time. If I were a client, I'd go with the professional with the proven track record, and I'd like to see a sample wedding or two with ALL the shots, keepers and outtakes. I would hazard a guess that the pro with the better equipment takes my money.
Anyone who goes with a cheaper alternative is just rationalizing the lack of funds for hiring a pro.

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