Why is printing the de facto standard?

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Re: Nothing digital is 'de facto'

lenshoarder wrote:

Ubilam wrote:

But, viewing all your images via computer or TV screens is not always showing whether your images are good. I've got 3 different comp monitors and one image looks different on all 3. I think you're lazy and just don't want to be bothered to print your pics.


Not every body needs or wants prints - it has nothing to do with 'lazy'.

Viewed onscreen, a great photo is wonderful to view of course, but printed out it becomes a work of art.

The reality is that printing is from a bygone era. Yes some people still print. Some people make money by selling prints. The vast majority of people take pictures that will never see paper. Much like newspapers and writing paper checks is on the decline, so is printing. Whenever people say such and such is good enough for a 8x10 print so who needs more. I just tune it out. That's old school static viewing. Today viewing is more dynamic and interactive. People zoom in and scroll around.

There is nothing wrong with viewing on-screen and I like doing that. Mostly that is how I view my images. But the best ones, I print out and print fairly large (13x19) because they are pretty impressive in a portfolio to share with others. Nobody has to print images but there is nothing outdated about doing so, other than the fact that you don't NEED to do it to view them as in the old days.

To each his/her own.

Technology removed many limits to how a photo can be viewed

Yes, but now there are people would would impose their own limited view on others as to what is good / bad / old school / etc.

, the limit now is what's between your ears.

You said it.

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