Complete upgrade or add to the bag?

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Complete upgrade or add to the bag?


I'm here to get some second opinions on my desire to upgrade or add to my bag. So far I own a Canon Rebel T3i with a Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6. I have been shooting for long enough and I don't see myself staying within crop sensors any longer. I used to shoot film completely so I need the full frame to fulfill my cravings. However, I also want to have video capability so that I can produce videos as well.

Right now, with the T3i and Sigma, I can probably sell the T3i for around $400-500. As for the Sigma, maybe around $300-350. So I can potentially have $700-850 by selling all that I own. I am also a sneakerhead and maybe willing to sell some of shoes for up to $500. So, if I'm willing to sell all of my stuff, I can have up to around $1100-1350.

So here's my dilemma. With that potential $1350, I can purchase myself a used Canon 5D Mark II for around $1200 (maybe less if I can haggle). Which means I can potentially have maybe around $200 left. I can then buy a Nifty Fifty or save up a little bit more the 50mm f1.4. So right there, I can own a really good camera with a prime, which gives me full frame and video capabilities. The only problem is that I would be stuck with just a prime (I like to shoot ultra wide most often when not doing shoots).


I can sell the T3i and get $400-500, keep the Sigma. Sell some shoes for up to $500, and I got myself $900-1000 to spend. I have a friend who is willing to sell his Canon 5D (original) for $450, and I know a person who's selling his Canon 60D for $580 ($650 with Nifty Fifty, or less if I can haggle). So if I go this route, I can own both a full frame 5D and a Canon 60D for video, and have both my Sigma UWA and the Nifty Fifty, that way I would have two cameras and two lenses (which works out since it covers my wide angle cravings and prime cravings, as well as video and full frame) and so if I want have video of any shoots I do, which would be awesome.

So, that's where I'm stuck right now, either completely upgrading to a whole much better camera or just add on a camera.

Any opinions and thoughts are appreciated, thanks in advance! Cheers!

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