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any other way besides PrefBar etc?

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I use two different extensions with Firefox to "spoof" my User Agent String. One of them is PrefBar.

I removed PrefBar after realizing it was fairly useless. When toggling Full Page Zoom it requires page refresh, which is just as onerous as selecting View > Zoom > Zoom Text Only. That was my most frequent use for it.

Is there another way to spoof the User Agent besides an add-on?

I've seen many cases of sites that provided content that resulted in problems when using my "real" UA (Firefox running under Linux), with issues like flash videos that overlapped text content, etc. Why would they produce different content with Firefox under Linux versus Firefox in Windows?

Good question. My solution is to avoid visiting these websites.

That might not be the best solution. I note that Yahoo mail seems buggier on Linux than on Windows (especially Enter key behavior changing font size) so I should try UA spoofing to see if it fixes the problem.

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