Windows 8 adoption is OK

Started Aug 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jim Cockfield Forum Pro • Posts: 16,342
I do complain about it...

kelpdiver wrote:

I know the why, Jim. I'm just pointing out that it sustains the problem.


But, I do complain about it. For example, when the web site refused to allow me to complete the online documentation (with errors that only Windows and OS X are supported), I decided to get screen captures showing the errors.

Then, I captured screens showing that it worked with the User Agent Spoofed (to report that I was running Firefox under Windows, even though I was really running Firefox under Linux) and sent complaints about it to the contacts that the Customer Service agent I was on the phone with said to send them to (as I was filling out those forms with a progressive customer service person on the phone with me, explaining the issue with their web site not allowing me to use Linux to complete the forms).

So, hopefully, those complaints will result in some changes, as it's absurd for web sites to prevent Firefox under Linux from working (as it renders content the same way as Firefox under Windows; as I can prove by simply "spoofing" the User Agent string to report that I'm running Windows instead of Linux).

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