Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon


I also purchased a 1000D body as well, so had both. As I recall from a few sites, the 1000D supposedly had minutely better image Quality compared to 450D.

However, I purchased the Canon because Pentax sales in a small town I was living in was abysmal. No Kx's to be found anywhere, so I went to Canon, before later buying a Kx on ebay.

The recollection of the switch is as follows:

Noise? Well the Canon simply couldnt get anywhere near the Kx in hand held low light results. So if this makes sense, the Canon had seemingly less noise because it produced less detail and I could only really get significant highlights, where as the Kx I could get very acceptable shots at 1600 iso producing a lot of detail but with some acceptable noise.............

I also found the lens image quality of the Pentax 55-300 is an absolute peach. It's something that Canon or Nikon or Sony owners won't understand. The IQ from a $3-400 lens is brilliant if you forgive the noise and some AF hunting. Also I have found a legacy film zoom 28-105 for minimal $$ that performs very very well right across the range. So a cheap and effective combo.

The Kx is now a few years old but still a very capable entry level shooter> If you believe Snapsort website, the Kx sensor capabilities even out ranks the 60D in dynamic range, colour and image quality. Therefore the k30 being a step up again, will be even better still in DR, low light and IQ.

This is all reasonably important for stills, low light photograhy, if your not always using a tripod.

I did like the Canon feel in my hand, found the systems to be similar and easy to interchange.

I found all the extra digital filters for me largely unnecessary as I do mostly post processing.

I liked some of the skin tones and colours on the Canon, whereas the Pentax Kx was very punchy and bright with greens and reds.

If your into mainly stills shooting, low light, weather sealing, good IQ, then Pentax would be the way. The lens argument is largely redundant because of the availability of Sigma, Tamron and heaps of useful film legacy primes.

If you find your going to do video and want a very capable stills camera, want flip out and touch screen technology, then Canon for sure......

I still think that the K30 will outperform your XS with the new lens. However, buy the K30 and look for say the sigma 18-35 f1.8?? later and you will have an absolute killer low light combo

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