Canon or Nikon? (For Macro and Wildlife shots)

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Re: Canon or Nikon? (For Macro and Wildlife shots)

Chris R-UK wrote:

Nick Desai wrote:

As my first DSLr camera I thought about going with a Nikon D3100 because it's not that expensive and it seems to have gotten great reviews. However, after talking to a couple of people they said that Canon is better for macro and wildlife shots because of the amount and variety of lenses. Is this true? If so, I could probably get a Canon T3i. My main purpose for the camera is to take photos of insects, flowers/plants, and wildlife. If anyone would be able to give me some insight to this topic and appreciate it!
Also, does anyone know of a good camera guide that takes about all the basics of camera function and use (ISO, aperture, etc.) along with how tot take macro and wildlife shots? Thanks!

There is no significant difference between the lens ranges of Nikon and Canon. There are plenty of lenses available for both macro and wildlife photography.

Exactly what wildlife do you want to photograph? Lenses suitable for macros of insects and lenses for wildlife photography are not cheap and the kit lenses that normally come with the camera will not be suitable for either.

What is your budget?

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Chris R

As of right now, it is around $1,000 give or take. I don't plan on buying all the lenses right away, right now I've been thinking of either getting a D3100 or T3i and then later on getting a macro lens, Tokina 100mm. Also going to get a flash, DIY flash diffuser or buying a cheap one, extension tubes, and maybe a tripod but I've heard for macro shots most people just use it handheld.

As for the wildlife, birds, small mammals, basically anything aha.

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