Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: FF! FF everywhere!

fakuryu wrote:

60D high ISO performance? From DPR's studio scene comparison, at ISO1600 is already noticeable and the 70D is hardly an improvement. Even @ ISO3200, the K30 raw looks much cleaner vs the 60D and 70D @ ISO1600.

noise itself is not an issue in practice because you can easily clean it up in post. what matters is detail and DR retention. 60D is a bit behind, there is no debate. My point is the difference is not as much as people often make it out to be. Canon's real weakness isnt high iso, it is in low iso.

These are from 60D, high ISO, Ar they noisy?

The Canon 70-200 LII IS f2.8 is debatable, there are a lot of reviews there that the new Tamron's 70-200 bested it

No, the new Tamron is good and a low cost alternative, but it doesnt quite match 70-00II let alone beats it. for one thing it isnt even a real 70-200, it is a 70-180. in other words, it has no real 200mm end, so how can it beat Canon's 200mm end?

and the old SP AF 70-200mm F2.8 Di LD (IF) Macro also bested the L IS (even with the noisy screw drive motor, it is snappy w/ Pentax) and is more than $1000 cheaper.

It can be snappy all it wants. but for telephoto lenses, it is the combination of speed and accuracy that is important. older third party lenses are never known for their accuracy.

The funny thing is, the TS is just looking for a decent, good quality, clean high ISO, affordable APSC DSLR.

That may well be but he is looking for opinions and thoughts of others, on both issues he thought about and he missed.

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