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Electrical tape and tourist scams

NITTO brand: common electric tape, good brand, around $1 per roll. Worked for me many times, even in Mediterranean summer:

Glad to see that so many people had such positive experiences with humanity. Maybe I am less lucky. Maybe it is that I am not really a tourist, more a visitor, I always look like a local, and I have more time to look around. Maybe I am simply more observant. I do not know. Whatever the case is, hardly anyone notices my camera when there is a tourist nearby in a flowery shirt, a large Nikon or Canon DSLR and a long zoom. No, my advice is not to "hide" - just not to stick out as an easy target.

Of course individual experiences do vary, but it is wiser to accept that tourist scams and rip-offs actually exist.

chris24net wrote:

+1 on not using electrical tape. If you feel the need to cover the camera, use the best gaffer tape you can get.

Personally, I travel and shoot extensively, 14 countries and 30 cities throughout Asia in the last 18 months, and I've never felt the need to cover up my cams. Including being in some pretty bleak areas of India and in Cambodia doing NGO work. I'd be more worried about theft in my old hometown of NYC than pretty much anyplace in Asia.

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