Small vs larger sensors (and other matters) for close-ups/macros

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Re: FZ50 vs GH2

Just out of curiosity - and (disclaimer!) totally unscientific, I used the snipping tool to take a screen grab of an FZ50 shot and a GH2 with 45-200 shot at 100%.  Both with Raynox 250. FZ50 OOC Jpeg and GH2 jpeg developed from raw.  Both with flash, but GH2 with diffused flash (through a piece of paper) so better lighting, and it was also not as close.

Down-sized a bit and tidied up, are you going to say one is vastly superior to the other?  Is my GH2 taking superior shots to the FZ50?   My choice of lens on the GH2 may be a factor, but I cannot honestly say the GH2 is knocking the socks off the old 50.

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