Decision on Bridge Cameras for Safari

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Re: Decision on Bridge Cameras for Safari

quezra wrote:

Bear in mind that nearly all game drives are timed for break of dawn and just before dusk - I've often been on drives which went well into the night and shooting against car headlights was the only option because the guide's flashlights were not bright enough to freeze the animal.

Under those kind of seriously low light conditions no bridge camera (or travel zoom) will be of much use (including the FZ200.)   For serious low light shooting you need large sensors and fast lenses.   But I don't think the OP has the time, interest, or money to become a serious photographric enthusiast with gear to match in such a short period.   So will have to make do.   The FZ200 may be an OK compromise, but only if the zoom (possibly plus its teleconverter) will do the job.   If all it buys is a very few more minutes morning and evening, so what?  The difference might be no more than a few pictures that are a bit less noisy taken in the short period between too dark and plenty bright enough.  I'd not personally buy a camera that had such a slight advantage.   I still think having a general purpose camera with some low light ability would be handy.   Africa is more than just wildlife.  The scenery, towns, and their inhabitants are also of interest.

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