Why is printing the de facto standard?

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Re: Why is printing the de facto standard?

MisterBG wrote:

IceAge wrote:

Seems odd for me but everyone always talks about pictures as if it's assumed printing will be the final product. I never print. I don't know anyone who prints. It's all online or on computers or on TV slideshows. It almost feels like the ones who talk about printing are older folk who are stuck in an era. I mean printings great don't get me wrong, but it's just not what people do these days, except for a few centerpiece photos and whatnot.

When I view my pictures they look fantastic on my TV. Only when I move from computer to TV do I get a really WOW factor, it's the same kind of finished product feeling as printing for me. And isn't that what people would do with slide film? View it on a projector?

I'm assuming you are talking about your phone camera pictures when you say they look "fantastic" on your TV?
It's a complete waste of money to display photos on TV at a resolution of 2MP when many of us have cameras that have sensors of 16MP and upwards.
By viewing on TV you are throwing away most of the resolution and detail that your camera is capable of recording.
In the world of audio we have a saying "If you can't make it good, make it loud." I guess in your case this translates into "If you can't make it good, make it big."

A good sized print at a resolution of 300ppi will show far more detail than your 2MP television.
Even the so-called "4K" televisions cannot resolve much more than 2MP in the real world, plus most TV's cannot even display 8 bits of colour information.

What? No. Phone camera pictures look awful. I try not to take pictures with that thing.

I view pics on both computer and TV. The computer has the same resolution as the TV. But damn they look good on TV. Probably because it's NOT calibrated and colors pop. Anyway I just don't care. I use megapixels to crop. Not worried about the detail I'm just saying it looks nice. Print is just pointless to me.

And you're wrong about the 4K TVs.

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