Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

McGooble wrote:

Everything I've read makes me think that Canons in general are noisier athigher ISO.

Before I start, I want make you understand that I have no horse in this race. I own a Canon 60D but 8 month ago I bought a Nikon D600 which is now my primary camera.

As far as APS-C goes, high iso noise difference between Canon and everyone else is very very small. It is almost safe to say it is unnoticeable. For FF canon even has a small lead. Where Canon falls behind is Dynamic Range. Canon seems have a lot of trouble getting over the 12 stop barrier while everyone else is in the 13-14 stop region.

Basically if low light / high iso is your main concern, you are safe to stick with Canon. comparing XS to D7000 is not really fair because they are not the same generation.

Their lens selection was also rather robust, so that was great too. I've been wanting a wider angle fast prime and Nikon's 35mm 1.8 is a lot cheaper than most wider primes.

Generally speaking, Nikon's sub-100mm lens selection rivals Canon's, over 100mm canon has a distinct lead. in all focal range Canon beat Pentax on both number of lenses available and price.

the Nikon 35 F1.8 is cheaper than Canon 35 F2 but it is a DX lens, which means you will have to replace it when you move onto FF - given we had 2 sub-2000 FF in 2012, sub -1300 FF in 2014 is a real possibility. so do not cut yourself off that possibility completely.

Also I have heard that the K-30's focusing can be a bit slow when compared to Nikon, not sure how much truth there is to that.

As far as focus speed goes, only Ultra sonic type motor can claim to be substentially faster than in-body motor or micro motor. Canon and nikon has USM/SWM in a lot more lenses than Pentax.

I had tried a Sigma 18-50mm 2.8 on my XS, but it seems that typical conditions in my house are still too dim for f2.8, so I really do need a faster lens. Of course with a higher ISO threshold that may be a different story. Typically my 50mm is on my camera 90% of the time so I'd really like a prime anyway. My next step if I stayed with Canon would be to get a Canon 28mm 1.8 or a Sigma 30mm 1.4, but I balk at spending $400-$450 on a lens.

18-50 is an outdated lens. should be completely ignored. its replacement, 17-50 OS is much better. which brings me to my next point.

About three years ago I was in the same boat as you, I wanted fast short lenses. I was going to buy a 24 or 28mm, and a 35mm, then replace my 50 F1.8 with a 50 f1.4, either sigma or Canon.

Then I thought, I could buy 17-55 F2.8 instead. sure it is 1 stop slower than the primes, but that only disadvantages it by 1 stop, but when I shoot static subjects, I can rely on the 3.5 stop IS and get 2 or more stop slower shutter speed than I would with primes. and it gives me a 17 F2.8 and 20 F2.8 which are not available as primes.

So in the end I bought the 17-55, I could not be happier.

Nikon's 17-55 on other hand, is 300 USD more expensive and has no IS. optically equal to canon with more CA.

Pentax's 16-50 F2.8 is wider but significantly weaker at F2.8 optically.

Which brings me to my question. Do you guys think it would benefit me enough to switch systems? I don't have that much invested in Canon. Plus I could probably settle on the Pentax 50mm 1.8, since it just became sub $200.

Personally I would recommend new system buyers to first decide if they want to shoot portrait and family, or wild life and sports. for the former, buy Nikon, D5200 is tremondous value and nikon's 50 F1.8G and 85 F1.8G are the best in their class by far, for zoom you can go with sigma 18-35 F1.8 or 17-50 OS. For the latter, Canon is a the better system, 70-200 II, 70-300L, 10-400L, 400 F5.6 are peerless. Pentax bodies are very competitive against Canikon but their lenses are too expensive for what you get.

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