Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

Thanks for all the input, everyone. This really got a lot of responses, typically when I've posted there hasn't been as much initial interest in my questions. I have a lot to pour over. I was also glad there hasn't been any blatant fanboy-ism as well, there has been a lot of pro and cons presented, which is exactly what I wanted to hear.

Tan68 wrote:

Well, as far as low light goes, I think the higher ISO performance of either the Nikon or Pentax will net you a gain versus the Canon. Even with the some slower Pentax 35. I admit I haven't studied Canon performance and this is only what I gather.

Anyway, you will be buying into a system, of course. etc. etc. I don't think I would ever have a use for most of the lenses Nikon offers. That isn't what 'system' means to me as much as having the few lenses I like and being satisfied with those. That is my personal system. And I have bought into that.

You have selected some lenses to compare and that is the right thing to do.

So, maybe the D7000 doesn't seem like a good deal now. I know nothing of its focus problems. People will say Pentax has challenges as well. However, I think Nikon is a generally good choice and would go with them if I weren't with Pentax. I guess I mean try to think beyond the 7000... How is the D7100 faring? Or do you just dislike it not having the AA filter?

In addition to better high ISO performance, the lenses are definitely a major factor and are part of my indecision. I am similar in my approach to owning lenses, I get the few that serve my purposes and am quite happy with that. So really a huge diversity of lenses may not be a large factor, I just need to find which range I'm comfortable with. I have gotten a lot of great pictures despite the 50mm being a bit too tight indoors.

I was aware that there is not a full frame option in the Pentax line, though I took no offense in it being pointed out. While full frame is an intriguing thought, I can't honestly see that happening. One of those "wouldn't it be nice" type of thoughts, so not really a factor for me.

That is a good suggestion about setting a custom white balance, I've just been to lazy to do it I'll have to try your sunset trick sometime. Actually that makes me think of one of the other features I like on the K-30, using the green button to cycle through white balance presets based on a picture taken.

LightBug wrote:

I think Pentax's strength lies in its well featured bodies that has shake reduction built in. So F2.8 may be fast enough given in-body SR. For any system, you may also think about investing in a flash to bounce off of ceilings and walls to give you some decent diffused light instead of investing in really expensive fast lenses.

The built in shake reduction is also a big plus in the K-30's favor too. I don't know why more companies don't utilize this kind of stabilization. I have thought about a flash as well, but didn't have the results I wanted when I was messing around with my cousin's one weekend. Of course that probably has something to do with user error too. Maybe I'll have to revisit the idea. I do like being more stealthy with my photos though, kids tend to stop and stare at you after a flash goes off. Ruins the chance for follow up shots sometimes.

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Shake Reduction compensates for "slower" apertures. You can consider that and I know it does work for many Pentax users.

Your Canon and non-IS lens on it won't allow you good shutter speeds even if you have an f1.4 lens — Pentax K-30 plus an f/2.8 lens will outperform that Canon combo handheld in low light.

So I think you should thoroughly explore Pentax system before jumping into conclusions about lens "speeds" because Canon and Nikon users often come with such prejudices and think of Pentax lenses as "slow" — it's the whole system that matters. Their systems are actually slower.

But from your writing above, and considering that you basically want top performing, fast aperture, low noise system but with no investment in anything — especially in lenses — with all due respect, I think you are not the kind of customer for a DSLR.

I have to say the tone your comments is not constructive. I have used an DSLR for 4-5 years and feel it is far and away better than any point and shoot experience I have ever had, and thoroughly enjoy using it. My needs cannot be met by anything other than a DSLR in my opinion. I realize that my photography falls strictly in the hobbyist category, but that doesn't mean I can't benefit from owning a DSLR. Perhaps some of my expectations are unrealistic in my budget was your point? I'm not sure if you were being deliberately condescending or not, but it certainly came across that way. In the future, if you used a different tone you might find people more receptive to your advice.

robbo d wrote:

I did the exact same thing several years ago and I had the that the XS?. I actually liked the feel and AF of the Canon, so not prejudiced in any way, but I did a lot of low light work and purchased the kx which is also a handy performer in Low light compared to what I had.

I think the Canon 18mp sensor struggles compared to Nikon and Pentax, but the upgrade in the 70D may be improved?? But that could be out of range in $$$ terms.

I will echo others in saying that good used and some special deal new Pentax primes can be found at a good price. I also believe that the k30 and even a f2.8 will surpass your expectations.

The use of manual focus legacy film lenses on the k30 may be of interest to you, with focus peaking and they offer good value also.

It sounds like your upgrading your whole kit, so doesnt matter which brand so long as you get the 'strengths' your after. It does sound like a classic Pentax or Nikon situation to me.

Not sure why its been mentioned that your not a candidate for a seems that anything less will not yield the low light requirements............

A couple of the Pentax zooms, 12-24 and 10-17 are very very good, but again a scout around for 'low mileage - second hand' examples that may fit your budget.

Good luck, the K30 is at some very good prices right now and represents excellent value. I havent researched Nikon lately, just something about them that didn't feel right in my hand....dont know why?? just a very personal preference.......

The 450D was the step up from the XS (1000D), so they are very similar. Did you feel your Kx was a big leap in getting lower noise shots at high ISO? I'm frustrated that Canon has made no improvements in it's sensor since the T2i (550D). I was wondering if a Tamron 18-50 2.8 paired with the K-30 would net me a similar set up to my XS with a 1.8 and ISO 400 since I could go to a much higher ISO (hopefully 1600-3200). That was a down the road thought I've had.

I'll respond more later. Tired and my laptop battery is about to die. Thanks again for the great response everyone.

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