Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

JNR wrote:

Fair enough overall, but the OP clearly isn't going to be shooting flash in the rain. That's an issue for you, not him. That's just one example of several off topics you raise. You should address his issues, not yours.

Clearly? Do you even have kids, James? You really can't imagine a father wanting to use fill-flash with his weather-resistant camera and lens at a water park, or a rented inflatable water slide, or simply splashing in the yard with a sprinkler? It's crystal clear to you that NO ONE with a water-resistant camera and lenses would ever need or even want a water-resistant flash to complete their kit? Because caves kids visit are always dry. Because waterfall attractions never need flash. Because no family photographer ever worries about sand and dirt in their zoom-head flash. And clearly no one ever uses a water-resistant camera and lenses with a flash where the whole rig could be splashed with water or finger paint or cake icing or sticky watermelon juice.

Nope - a weather-resistant flash to go with a weather-resistant camera and lenses is a complete red herring merely to distract people from the truth and goodness that is Pentax. So glad you straightened me out.

Perhaps there are now other of my Pentax negatives you'd like to dispute. Being that professional Canon full-frame cameras are so unimpressive to you, no doubt you can educate the less worthy of us here.

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