Canon EOS 6D v. Nikon D600 - from a real world standpoint, not paper stats!

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Re: If image quality with the best dynamic range available matters to you, then

Talk of the great image quality of the D600 is academic to those many of us that bought the D600 dustbins that Nikon sold to unsuspecting consumers.  Truly legendary DR and IQ captured by a sensor splattered with dust and oil that can NOT be fixed by normal cleaning.  The cameras IQ is amazing BUT the shoddy QC rendered my copy all but useless... a $2,000 paperweight.

I recently asked for, and got a full refund after 9months.  Now I will either get a D800... wich is bigger than I wanted, or a Canon 6D.

Nikon screwed the pooch and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory... all to save a few bucks

MichaelIsGreat4 wrote:

the Nikon D600 is the camera you will want to choose.

Recently the DxOMark (assessing the quality of the sensor used) gave for the Nikon D600 the highest mark along with the Nikon D800 for image quality with the best dynamic range and excellent high ISO quality at the same level than the Nikon D800 apart from the difference in MP between the Nikon D600 (24 MP) and the Nikon D800 (36 MP).

Where is the Canon 6D in this respect? Very far behind both concerning the dynamic range and less concerning the high ISO quality but far behind concerning general image quality produced by an inferior sensor, a problem that is not related only to the Canon 6D but to all the current Canon DSLRs that are at a significant disadvantage compared to the Nikon DSLRs using the currently best sensors on the market so far.

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