Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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If your subject isn't static, IS/SR is only marginally useful

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

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Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Shake Reduction compensates for "slower" apertures. You can consider that and I know it does work for many Pentax users.

Your Canon and non-IS lens on it won't allow you good shutter speeds even if you have an f1.4 lens — Pentax K-30 plus an f/2.8 lens will outperform that Canon combo handheld in low light.

So I think you should thoroughly explore Pentax system before jumping into conclusions about lens "speeds" because Canon and Nikon users often come with such prejudices and think of Pentax lenses as "slow" — it's the whole system that matters. Their systems are actually slower.

nice statement without supporting info. pentax is loud. there I can do it too

A camera and f/1.4 lens, both with no IS.

B camera with SR that has around 3 stops of SR gain and an f2–2.8 lens.

What do you think it will work in your favour?

Unless your subject is always almost completely static, the f/1.4 lens combo would probably be better in a lot of cases than an f/2.8 lens combo. (f/2 - pretty close.)

IS/SR can help, even when the subject is moving slowly, because it keeps you from introducing another kind of blur - hand tremor - but it can never be an across the board substitute for lens speed, or even for clean high-ISO.


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