Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

JNR wrote:

The market is pretty good right now.

My experience is that "the market" for used Pentax gear is never good. My $1,000 K7 is worth $250 in mint condition and my $1,000 K5 is worth $500 or less.

the OP is pretty much aware of the liabilities from the get-go, and might be insulted by being told that his perspective is not well informed in first place.

Nice to see you're worried that someone might be insulted. I don't see where I said anyone was not well informed just by offering my opinion for consideration by the OP (not really by you).

Really, Pentax doesn't have FF? Well, having shot FF (Canon) - and not impressed, maybe the 645 is just a touch better than that. So, an upgrade path is available...

Oh dear, I wasn't aware that the 645 was an upgrade path for all the K-mount lenses one might buy. Instead, I had thought that four lenses in 645KAF2 mount wasn't really a full-fledged system for a family photographer.

Clearly my opinion and facts together offends you. Perhaps you could address actual facts to the OP instead of attacking my opinion (though not my facts) as being somehow inferior to your opinions. Why the hateful attitude in the middle of what was a civil discussion between other parties?

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