Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

BobK77 wrote:

JNR wrote:

I'm somewhat in Canon (one body, five lenses), but mostly in Pentax. I think the original post does provide a cogent argument for moving from Canon to Pentax. Pentax is weak in some areas (most notably flash, video and sports photography), but is superior for mid-range dSLRs in overall operational design, image quality, build, and the ability to get good optics at reasonable prices (especially if you are willing to try vintage MF lenses). You can't do better than K mount on a tight budget if you are mostly interested in fast glass.

Hi can you elaborate about sport photography? I am in the same boat and was looking at
K-30/K5-II/ Sigma 50-150 HMS as a sport set up.


Well, I can't say definitively - but it is doubtful. By all reports, PDAF on the K5-II is much improved, and a tad better than the K-30/50 which is pretty clearly better than everything previously (assuming you aren't shooting sports with a K-5 in a -2EV cave - which pretty much is not possible to do no matter what). I haven't had the K-30 long enough to say that it isn't adequate for sports-style tracking in typical situations. Straight line stuff (air shows, running along a route, baseball) - yes, less predictable sports - probably not so much.

The toughest kind of typical shooting is soccer/lacrosse, but night h.s. football will be nearly as difficult. If that kind of shooting is the highest priority - and you didn't want to invest in a pro-level body, I would say that you should be looking first at the Canon 7D - simply because the AF tracking is so good and quick, and the lenses are excellent (namely the L200 f/2.8 and the L70-200 f/4). I'm sure that Nikon is a tad better for low ISO, but the tracking isn't nearly as good. Has Pentax K5-II caught up with the equivalent Nikon bodies (7000 series) for AF? I don't know.

As for lenses, I would disregard stabilization issues for sports shooting because you will need high shutter speeds to freeze action. The best deals out there - by a fairly good margin - are the two Canon L lenses I mentioned. I would be free and clear of Canon, but I can't give up that L200 f/2.8 - easily the best lens I own - and goes very well with a 1.4x TC.

The Sigma you mention has a good reputation, but it might be a bit short for many sports situations. Perhaps you can extend it if it handles one of the dedicated Sigma TCs well, but I don't know that.

Canon is king for sports shooting because it controls the top AF patents. That technology extends down to the mid-range bodies. The best longer lenses are Canon. That's why almost all sports shooters are using Canon. At some point, you have to kind of hope that Canon will upgrade its sensors. Long-term decisions should be made based mostly on lenses - as those tend to stick with you much longer than the bodies.

This is coming from a Pentax person who only shoots Canon on occasion - but wouldn't hesitate to stay in Canon if sports was a major part of my shooting.

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