Windows 8 Home cannot map to NAS Folder

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Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,217
no problems here, and please stop with the Linux brainwashing

For some odd reason the sales division of the company I work with likes to push the Terrastations because they are cheap. Personally I prefer the synology units because they run on much better hardware, but we have cheap clients. As a place to mount a CIFS / SMB share the Terrastations are OK as tier 2 storage, although off the record I think they are junk. We commonly use them as back-ups for SANs and Vmotion snapshots; Vranger, etc.

Frankly I don't get why people just don't buy a cheap tower workstation with Windows & home on it and jack it up full of drives. Connection limit is pretty generous.

A lot of Win8 SMB problems can be resolved by turning off it's home group feature.

We have 2012 servers and Win8 stations that connect to Terrastations - no problems. So, I'm going to flip this problem around and blame it on this specific Terrastation.

The comments Jim made about Linux never changing and always following standards might be the dumbest thing I've heard on this forum in awhile. However, any time you mention the word Linux the fanboys rise from their parent's basement and start spouting the gospel.

The latest distros based on the recent Ubuntu / Debian Kernel, particularly the desktop shells break pretty much everything including virtualization, customized interfaces, and anything else some of our clients have developed on their own. FreeNix is trashed, and pretty much anything else in that department. There's pretty much no uniformity at all in the Linux sphere at this point, and while Microsoft aggravates their consumer audience their professional Server division is starting to get it's act together. More than I can say for Red Hat. Then again when you work with systems engineers all day long -vs- people using Dpreview as their personal blog you have a different perspective.

I otherwise hate Office 2013 and the Metro dumbing down. Nothing wrong with Libre Office, and Thunderbird beats the Win8 Mail Client to death.

Where I disagree is photo editing. Adobe PS / LR, etc., are the standards, and if you don't like this get a job where you can afford them. Linux can't run these native, and until Linux can you should choose your OS based on what you do, not what a bunch of Linux geeks tell you to do.

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