Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

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xlotus wrote:

Only when the 22mm kit was available again at higher price, initially it was at $499, then $450 then now apparenty settles at $399 that demand is slowing down.

22mm kit (with flash unit bundled) is also selling for $399, so it makes no sense to pay $399 for the 22mm kit without the flash.

I notice the white model's 18-55 kit includes also includes flash for $419. The same white kit without flash is the same $419 too. Makes no sense to get it without the flash bundled. B&H are clearly pushing the flash kits now.

B&H often does these "why-would-I-buy-this-when-I-can-get-that" strange prices to move certain products in favour of others. I don't know anyone that would get just the normal kits when they can get the kits with flash included for the same price, but that's how they are pricing things as I write this. Too bad no $299 22mm kit option, but it may return, knowing the way they keep chopping-and-changing prices.

EOS M lens adapter is now $149 I notice. Originally $189 when all the crazy EOS M sales started. Then $159. Now $149. In the light of third-party adaptors which I have read work fine, I wonder if this will drop further.

Interestingly, the 18-55mm kit seems to have a steady supply. Sold out briefly and quickly re-supplied while maintaining the same low price.


It almost seems to me that Canon is using this experience to test the US market how much people are willing to pay for their mirrorless camera.

Could be. Or simply B&H got a good deal on the flash kits &  is doing its normal price-shuffling for greater profits, as any business is known to do.

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