Windows 8 Home cannot map to NAS Folder

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Re: The saga continues...../Update

Robert Schoner wrote:


Well, after waiting all day for MicroSoft to call I checked the status. It seems they had my preferred hours as 10PM to Midnight. So that's changed and I'm back to waiting.

Just to see what would happen I tried to connect to the Linkstation folders with my Android tablet using esexplorer. And it works fine. So maybe it really is a Win 8 problem.

I dunno.

As mentioned before, sometimes it's easier just to stick with something that works.

As you've already found out, more than one machine with Windows 7 connects to your new NAS without any issues.

As for your Android Tablet, it's using a Linux kernel (as is your NAS). Android is just a UI built on top of a Linux kernel.

But, if Windows 7 works with with your new NAS device, then Windows 8 should, too.

It all boils down to how much your time is worth to you.

Sure, given enough troubleshooting, perhaps Microsoft will come up with a solution. But, in the meantime, you don't have use of your NAS, and you are spending many hours troubleshooting.

So, from my perspective, it would be easier just to buy a copy of Win 7 and be done with it. You can get an OEM copy of Win 7 Home Premium for around $90, and get a copy of Win 7 Pro for not a lot more.

On the other side of the coin, perhaps your experience will benefit other Win 8 users if Microsoft finds a solution and updates Windows 8 with it.

But, I'd probably worry more about my own time, and just get a copy of Win 7 and be done with it.

IOW, at some point, you have to look at how much your time is worth. So spending days and days troubleshooting an issue like this may not be worth it to you (as compared to just spending around $100 (more or less, depending on the Windows 7 version you want to use).

After all, is there really anything that Windows 8 offers that you don't already have with Windows 7 (other than bugs, more problems requiring the use of third party software to get a better start menu and folder hierarchy for programs, etc.)?

If you have a tablet with a touch screen, perhaps Windows 8 would be worth considering. But, for desktop use, I just don't see any redeeming value in going to it (and because it's new, you can probably expect to see more problems, as in the ones you're experiencing right now).

Basically, I'd give Win 8.x a couple of years for MS to refine it. Then, give it a look to see if it offers any benefits (yet).

For getting real work done right now, I'd suggest sticking with a more refined and proven Operating System like Windows 7.

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