Strange water formation in long exposure

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Re: Diffraction grating through leaves

AnthonyL wrote:

I suggested this a few days ago and no-one commented so I'll try again with a picture of the effect diffraction can give. It is possible that the image shows a stream bouncing or even just a mist being lit appropriately.

I'm not talking about lens diffraction, but the effect of light passing through leaves or similar:

I think light passing through leaves or similar would be much too weak to produce the bright images shown. The diffraction angle would be much too narrow as well.

This is what diffraction grating looks like (see )

A thin stream of water bouncing off the rocks and passing through light as in the above could appear similar to what happened in the photo, and a secondary effect could explain the fainter phenomenon on the right hand side.

The probability of a thin stream of water bouncing off the rocks and going to that height is near zero. As is seeing a single drop at that distance.

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