Decision on Bridge Cameras for Safari

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Re: Decision on Bridge Cameras for Safari

bloke91 wrote:

Hi everyone

After doing some research and seeking some advice, I have come to the conclusion I have the following actions in referance to buying a decent camera for a Safari I am going on this September.

  1. Buy a Canon SX50 or HX300V with a great optical zoom, however from what I have read on here due to the apture it would be rubbish for low light and therefore insufficent for early morning or evening game viewing. Along with this I have an exsisting Sony HX20V compact camera I can take with me.
  2. Purchase a Panasonic ZF200 with an 24x otpical zoom, from what I have read this is the best Bridge camera around for low light. However due to 24x optical zoom, also purchase a Canon XS50 or Sony HX300 so I have got a fantastic optical zoom as well.
  3. Last choice purchase a Panasonic FZ200 and take that to the Safari along with my exsisiting Sony HX20V compact.

#3 of course.

I feel ideally I need the ZF200 for low light and a SX50 or HX300 for the optical zoom, so I can obtain the best of both worlds. Whats everyone thoughts??????????

Use digital zoom beyond 600mm eq on FZ200 for those few cases you will need it (and IF you can handle it, which is doubtful without a big tripod), it is still better than dark optical zoom on SX50 and HS300.

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