Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

Tan68 wrote:

JNR wrote:

... a lot of users of the 5100/5200 series are frustrated with the extensive menu diving

I bet those are the people that bought the 5100 for the sensor only and 'bang for the unit-of-currency' versus a more 'prosumer' camera. Not the typical mid-range consumer and no doubt some are frustrated with the interface :^)

I'm thinking mostly of a friend who has lots of experience from the film days, and some experience with a prosumer unit. I recommended the 5100 to him thinking he would step of his shooting activities, but he hasn't done that. Yes, he got a great deal with the consumer pair kit lenses - but really is resisting learning the ins and outs of the camera. He had a nice Nikon flash already, and was certainly predisposed to go with Nikon. But, I suspect, the K-30 would have been a better fit based on size, his outdoor/travel activities, and a superior interface (especially so for learning).

... haven't been impressed with the low light capabilities of the 24mp sensors (5200), but that isn't a universal opinion.

Looking at pixel level, maybe less capable..? For same print/view size as the apple-to-apple, the 24 MP is probably about the same as 16 MP for low(er) light. ~Same with benefits being more useable resolution in good light, etc. However, I haven't actually played with a 24 MP file, either...

No doubt you are right about that. If you are a Pentax shooter - possibly restricted to 300mm and want to do birding, that's a strong argument for getting a 24mp sensor into the stable. But not much of a case for the higher density sensor beyond that.

By the way, my best birding shots come with a 85mm f/1.4 on a Q! You can really move around easily with that set up (although finding the bird can be tough, especially if you go any longer).

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