Cost for sensor replacement for D700

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Re: Cost for sensor replacement for D700

I am a pro photog.  I have a D700 that i was using on a shoot. It was fine then all of a sudden my assistant noticed a green line partially down one side of the frame.  I sent the camera to Nikon and they gave me an estimate of $256.  Fine. I okayed it and sent in cc info. Just got a revised estimate of $1600!! to replace the CCD which they claim costs $1300 for the part.  I don't know if it's the same issue as the scratches talked about here.  Has anyone had this problem? I am NOT spending $1600 for this camera when for a few hundred more I can get a new D600. That said, I'm transitioning out of the photo biz and really don't want to keep spending on cameras.  So, I'd love to know if anyone has an independent repair service that they like. Also, does anyone like the D7000?

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