Windows 8 adoption is OK

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Mine is 64 bit Win 7, Firefox 19

malch wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Despite what you may have read in the press lately, Windows 8 adoption is going pretty well. Just saw some July statistics from a tech-oriented website where Windows 8 visits had surpassed Windows XP, 11% to 9%, with Windows 7 at 71% and Vista at 1%.

Not exactly stellar. However, if this analysis is based on the user agent headers seen by a tech-oriented web site, I'd take it with a pinch of salt.

Yep.... Tech Oriented sites are not usually realistic for the general population

BTW, I just noticed my User Agent is set to 64 Bit Windows 7 running Firefox 19 right this minute.

I run into sites from time to time that don't "play nice" with Linux and use different page formatting compared to Windows, even though I'm running Firefox (22 right this minute) with Linux.

So, I have a habit of just leaving my Firefox User Agent String set to 64 Bit Windows 7 and Firefox instead, so I don't run into that issue, even though I'm really running Linux.

I just haven't bothered to add UA strings for newer versions of Firefox to my drop down list of User Agent's I can pick from lately (I'm using a Firefox Extension that lets me select the UA reported to sites I visit).

So, my PC wouldn't be a good one for use in Operating System Stats (since I report that I'm running Windows most of the time, even though I'm really using Linux).

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