Windows 8 adoption is OK

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Re: Windows 8 adoption is OK

CAcreeks wrote:

Despite what you may have read in the press lately, Windows 8 adoption is going pretty well. Just saw some July statistics from a tech-oriented website where Windows 8 visits had surpassed Windows XP, 11% to 9%, with Windows 7 at 71% and Vista at 1%.

Just another datapoint...

Beating XP from 3 generations ago (and a good number of these may be VMs in Win7 desktops) isn't really a milestone.  You only need to look at MS financials to see how well (or not) the adoption has been going.  They get a certain number of sales just from the people who were given no choice in the matter - new system buyers.   How many of that 11% are upgrades?

And like with your website, it's fairly important to know which tech oriented website ( would be damning) and how many unique visitors we're talking about.

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