RX100 II - what else did you consider before buying?

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Re: RX100 II - what else did you consider before buying?

luvdodo wrote:


I used to own a Fuji x10 that slowly died within a year. I have now shortlisted the RX100 II and the Fuji x20. I am more inclined on the sony since Fuji service sucked.

Before you purchased the rx100ii where there other cameras you considered and would recommend? Budget $1000 or lesser.

I looked at the Ricoh GR and Nikon A, but they don't have image stabilization which is important to me, particularly since I shoot video with my pocket cameras, as well as stills.

I briefly considered the Canon G1X but it was too big.

Didn't consider any small sensor pocket cameras because I already have an LX-5 and wasn't planning on buying a tiny sensor camera anymore.  I found that I was using the camera on my Galaxy Note 2 more often than I was my LX-5.

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