18-140 DX is this for a D400??

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Re: Does the D400 need a kit lens?

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TOR8472 wrote:

I can't recall for sure, but did the D300 come with a kit lens? I know I bought mine "kitted" with the 16-85 for a great deal, but B&H did the "kitting", not Nikon. I recall the D200 was kitted with the 18-200.

When I bought my D300 in 2008, it did not come as a kit; I bought the 16-85 with it but it was a separate item.

I don't recall there ever being a D300+lens package from Nikon.

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Leonard Migliore

I distinctly remember walking into a photo store ca. 2009 and seeing a box with a D300s/16-85 combo on the shelves. I may have even have seen this combo at Costco!  Remember, they were just recently selling D600/24-85 and Canon 7D packages.

If you'd like, there's even an unboxing video on the web of the combination in quesiton:


True, but the D300s was years later. I know that Nikon puts together kits later, I'm just wondering if it came as a kit when it was released. I just looked back at the original announcement, and it appears the it didn't as it only showed the cost of body only. I guess I'm just saying that I think the D400 will be released body only at announcement, and then kitted later when the demand subsides.

I believe most D400 purchaser will not want ANY kit lens.

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